On Staying Relevant

A startup's potential often comes from its disruptive quality. Disruption really comes down to re-imagining the status quo. Questioning the way things have been done - attempting to remove bias and reassess the problem for what it is now (rather than what it used to be), and how it can be better solved using the technology of the day. Disruption only catches by surprise the industries that are living in the past.

Kodak is a great example. Kodak forgot, when digital cameras came along, that they were not in the film business. They were in the business of capturing images. Technologies change, human behavior changes, all for countless cultural and industrial reasons, but often the core idea remains the same - people want to take good pictures. Myspace & Friendster, though they have now been surpassed, certainly didn't invent friendship - instead they were the first to recognize that people were interacting online, and they formalized it. 

Lua's problem is similar. People have been working together since the beginning of time, in fact it's the most important element of our survival. It's why our soft fleshy bodies weren't eradicated by predators long ago, but the tools to facilitate all of us working together have changed, many many times over. Right now, the tools are not keeping up with the professionals who need them. So once again, they are ripe for disruption.

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Austin oversees Product at Lua. He has worked in startups his whole career, from social networking, to gaming, to enterprise. He's on a mission to make your work communication vastly simpler and safer with Lua.