10 Ways Mobile Devices Are Empowering Healthcare Providers

via HealthCareGlobal.com
via HealthCareGlobal.com

BYOD and mobile device technology are poised to transform healthcare, an industry often accused of being resistant to change. When lives are at stake, anything that eliminates boundaries between healthcare providers and their patients or colleagues is a critical development. The steady growth of mobile technology in this industry promises to do just that - make sure doctors and nurses are within reach and have access to the information they need at all times.

A primary element of these changes is healthcare workers using their personal mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to access applications that enable them to deliver care whenever and wherever it's needed. Doctors and nurses are transforming into a truly modern mobile workforce, championing BYOD and secure HIPAA compliant messaging in healthcare.

In addition to improving care and cutting costs, BYOD improves the quality of life for healthcare workers by allowing greater flexibility, productivity and user experience.

Here are 10 primary ways mobile technology is empowering healthcare providers:

  • Receiving patient alerts while on-the-go with smartphones. Doctors can be immediately reachable for patient emergencies.

  • Tracking hospital rounds and patient progress on tablets.

  • Consulting specialists from anywhere using mobile video conferencing.

  • Using apps to reference information in online drug and anatomy guides from anywhere. Caregivers can be sure they're referencing up to date information.

  • Leveraging mobile diagnostic tools to do remote consults with patients. Lab results can be delivered to physicians on all their devices, while patient vitals can be monitored long distance.

  • Monitoring home healthcare aide location and workflow with GPS, helping track arrivals and departures for more efficient service.

  • Accessing high-resolution medical imaging like X-rays and CT scans on tablets.

  • Capturing photos and adding them directly to patient records remotely.

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