8 Ways Mobile Technology is Empowering Construction Professionals

There is a common misconception that the construction industry is behind the times when it comes to new technology. In reality, many construction organizations are establishing themselves as early adopters, leveraging all types of technology to make themselves more efficient, lower their costs, manage assets and more. Whether it's a manager moving from job to job, or a technician working around a large site, construction is a highly mobile industry. Many people in the construction industry spend almost no time sitting behind desks. Smartphones and tablets are simply the latest addition to the construction worker's standard tool belt.

Here are 8 ways mobile technology implementation is empowering mobile workforces in construction:

  • Accessing municipal building codes, CAD drawings, product specs and other relevant information.

  • Asset tracking apps not only help professionals manage their machinery, but when combined with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, help reduce inventory shrinkage and waste.

  • Minimizing the expense of a change during the construction process with mobile communication and collaboration. When managing changes, all involved should be able to immediately see the status of a requested, approved or rejected change order, as well as the details of the order.

  • Tracking bids with subcontractors and companies, securely and in real-time, from anywhere.

  • Apps let construction professionals calculate a wide-range of measurements: quantities of concrete and rebar needed for projects, projected costs and waste of these materials, roofing shingles needed for a roofing job, or number of drywall sheets needed to finish an area.

  • Creating and distributing technical drawings with a finger, on the go.

  • Tapping into punch lists from anywhere.

  • Monitoring speed, fuel consumption, drivers, and vehicles, and maintaining vehicles through diagnostics. There are systems for fleet tracking, asset tracking, fleet maps, vehicle diagnostics with alerts, roadside assistance, and preventative maintenance.