Customer Success Story: Barclays Center

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It's been amazing watching Lua reshape the Barclays Center's communication and empower them to be more efficient - especially since the arena has done such a fantastic job in its first year. From the moment the Barclays Center opened its doors, the staff has been working tirelessly to perfect both its processes and guest experiences. The arena is doing great things and will continue to bring top-notch events and experiences to Brooklyn in the future. Here is the story of how the Barclays Center, by connecting its employees on Lua, was able to improve sales, accountability, and guest experiences.

The Barclays Center

The Barclays Center, New York City’s newest, world-class sports and entertainment venue, was completed in 2012. The stadium hosts over 250 sports and entertainment events per year, and brought the relocation of both NHL and NBA teams to downtown Brooklyn. The technologically unparalleled, state-of-the-art facility employs over 10,000 people.

The Challenge

In addition to serving up to 19,000 fans a night, the arena staff faced a unique challenge: providing the most comprehensive arena VIP experience in the world. The Barclays center has 101 luxury suites, three clubs, four bars/lounges, and Jay-Z’s 40/40 club. It quickly became evident to Barclays Center management that in order to deliver a seamless, unparalleled guest experience for their VIP customers, as well as coordinate a sales effort around new products and inventory, the suite management, VIP Guest Services, and Sales teams needed a special solution. They needed something that kept their team connected, allowing them to coordinate and make quick decisions, both leading up to events and while running around the arena during games and concerts.

The Lua Solution

Lua was adopted by the Suite Sales and Premium Ticket Sales teams, as well the Premium, Suite and VIP Guest Services teams. For the first time, they had instant access to each other, and were able to deal with issues quickly and directly, eliminating middlemen. This was a game changer–in client services businesses, a team’s ability to make quick decisions and never keep guests waiting often determines its success.

Sales Coordination & Inventory Management

Lua quickly became the backbone of the Sales team’s collaboration process. Salespeople loaded marketing materials directly onto their mobile devices allowing them to present the stadium’s advantages to clients without the need of printed materials, even on the fly. On game nights, they could easily access a map of available inventory and prices, as well as a running tab of minute-to-minute sales on their devices. This helped avoid double selling and allowed team members to show potential clients just how fast their inventory was moving, preventing lost sales and leading to a faster process. The sales team reported that Lua increased efficiency by 20%. 


“What used to take 25 minutes now takes as little as 2.” - Preetam Sen, Manager of Premium Partnerships

Quick Decisions Resolve Issues, Fast

When issues arose with the food and beverage systems, ticketing systems, or stadium and suite amenities, the Barclays staff was able to document the problems. They took photos or composed quick Lua messages, distributing them to the relevant parties in seconds. Employees and managers deliberated in a group conversation or an instant conference call, and made a quick decision to resolve the problem, rather than searching the grounds or their printed contact lists for the right people. Lua’s photo sharing, group messaging, and conference calling features improved the timeliness of decision making by an average of 35%.


“It speeds up the service portion of the business and allows us to react to situations a lot faster. Since we got Lua everything has been a lot more streamlined, organized, consistent, and all in one place.” - Kate Mooney, Suite Services Coordinator

Accountability: A Manager's Best Friend

When dealing with guest and VIP issues, accountability is of utmost importance. The Barclays Center staff found that having all their co-workers at their fingertips allowed them to easily follow up on issues. The ability to see who had and hadn’t read sent messages allowed managers to determine who was most informed and with whom to follow up, while also highlighting teammates who were less responsive. Managers felt they had complete control over ongoing events, even while off site. The transparency and insight Lua provided managers allowed them to determine whether a game or event was successful, even before it was over. The Barclays Center staff noted that using Lua increased staff accountability by 25%. 


“From a manager’s perspective, it’s a godsend if you have to manage multiple people and departments. It was much easier to digest whether or not a night was a success.” - Brian Basloe, SVP Suites & Ticket Sales

Guest and VIP Gratification, Maximized

Lua allowed the Barclays Center team to distribute suite assignment sheets, critical VIP guest information and schedules to their staff at large, empowering them to greet their most important guests and potential clients at the door and personally check in on their experience. If a guest encountered a problem, the entire staff would be notified with a mass text or Lua “blast,” ensuring every team member would do their utmost to address the concern, making that particular guest’s experience perfect moving forward. The Barclays Center staff noted that Lua’s document sharing and messaging abilities increased the efficiency of their VIP Services by 30%. 


“That’s been one of the best things with Lua - it’s an easy reference point. It lets me make clients feel extra special when I know who everyone is.” - John Baier, Director of Premium Seating