Department of Defense: "A New Era of Mobile Command and Control"

General Martin E. Dempsey

Mobile technology continues to grow in the federal government operations. We posted on the subject previously, detailing how some federal agencies were empowering employees with new BYOD and mobility policies. Now, we're seeing the government take an even larger step towards mobility. The Department of Defense (DOD) has announced a four-year, $23 billion project to launch a proprietary 4G wireless network.The announcement was made by General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said the mobility plan will bring in what he calls "a new era of mobile command and control."

The network will allow the DOD to bring its employees fully into the Post-PC world, while mitigating the security risks, both internal and external, posed by mobility. The plan calls for adding 4,000 people to its cyber workforce, as well as building a foundation of common practices for improving coordination and managing cyber resources. It's quite telling to see that in an organization where information security is of paramount importance, mobility is still being adopted at such a large scale.

General Dempsey is currently the highest ranking American military officer - a testimony to the DOD's commitment to this project. The plan includes the establishment of a federal app store for DOD employees.

As is increasingly the case in civilian industries, millennials comprise a sizable portion of the military. Training and key, qualified personnel, however, will still be necessary to make the project a success, as noted by Major General John A. Davis:

“DOD is looking at ways to fundamentally change the way it recruits, trains, educates, advances and retains both military and civilians within the cyberspace workforce…The vision is to build a system that sustains the cyberspace operations’ viability over time, increases the depth of military cyberspace operations experience, develops capable leaders to guide these professional experts … and ensures that we build real cyberspace operational capability from within our human resources into the future.”

The resources being invested by the DOD in mobility are a clear indicator of what is to come in both the public and private sector. Mobility is a major priority, and forward-thinking corporations will undoubtedly be taking similar steps, investing heavily in more unified, comprehensive mobile technology plans.