Attach a File to any Conversation!

At Lua, we’re deeply committed to helping companies communicate critically, in real time. Your conversations are the company’s discussion itself, while the files are what you are discussing, which has always made accessing and sharing your company's critical files and assets an important aspect of working in real time. We built a file center into our product in order to have a single, centralized place to find your files, rather than digging through specific conversations. Now the time has come to provide direct context to communication- sharing your important assets directly in conversation!


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Android Walk Through

When composing a new message in the talk tab, press the + button next to the text input bar. You can now choose to either upload a new file into Lua, or share an existing asset from the File tab to other co-workers.

  • If you choose “Photo”, you will be able to either access your device’s Gallery or Photo Roll, and share an Existing photo you’ve already taken, with your teammates in Lua.   Alternatively, you can “Take a New Photo” or access your devices “Camera” and send a photo taken on the spot. Once you choose a photo, it will upload into the message. You can add text to provide some context, or just hit send to share with your team.
  • If you choose  “Existing Lua File”  you can share a file that’s already been shared with you in Lua, . This will pull up the list of all Lua files on your File tab. Scroll through the list, and chose the file you’d like to send.  You will again have to click "Send" once you upload the file into your message.

NOTE: You need to click "Send in order to share it with your teammates.

  • If you go to the Files Tab, you can scroll through your list of all files, or search for a specific file.  From there you can then choose "Send", and choose the Individuals, Departments, and Groups you’d like to share the file with. The file will now appear in a conversation with all of those entities, as well as in their file centers.

Note: The original owner of the file will see who you’ve shared it with and can remove access

rich messaging web

Off the Web: If you choose “Upload New File”, you will be able to access your computer’s hard drive and pick and choose which files you’d like to bring into Lua. Feel free to select multiple files at once, they’ll attach themselves to your message and will be sent once you press the Send button.

Files Tab: We haven’t taken away the comprehensive home of files. All files shared through conversations will still be listed in your Lua Files Tab. You can click the information button on any file in the File Center, and actually send that file to new people the same way you would from a conversation!

Blasting a File! You may be wondering how to publish files to the whole team. Now, All Team file shares will go through the Everyone Blast conversation. You can upload a file directly in a blast


Note: Only Admins can send Blasts, giving only Admins the power to share a photo or file with the whole team.

Sarah has spent past 10 years in the client services side of enterprise software. She really enjoys helping people master Lua (the app not the martial art). She loves seeing new parts of the world, Michigan Wolverines (when they are good), and her daughter Gabby.