Managing Groups in Mobile

Groups has arrived in force for mobile! We know that coordination can extend beyond a single department: larger projects and issues require collaboration across several divisions. That’s why Groups in Lua is so valuable. Groups in Lua can be any combination of your co-workers, either across multiple departments or as sub-groupings within departments. A group can be anything from “Department Heads” to “Sales + Marketing” to “New York sales team.”

Our mobile team at Lua has been hard at work creating the best business communication application across platforms, and we’ve taken another step in that direction by bringing Groups directly to the Lua People tab.

On Android: Groups will now show up above your departments. The first three alphabetical groups will be displayed automatically, and the rest can be accessed by clicking “Show All Groups.”


You can call or message a group by clicking on the three dots to the right of the name or by clicking on the group itself to display its members. If you are an Admin, you can also edit the group name or delete the group by clicking on the three dots.


Admins are the ones to create and edit the groups. Click the “Add Group” button on the People tab to create new groups. You then name the group and begin adding members by clicking through the People list or by entering their names at the top. To edit membership of an existing group, click the group button and select individuals just as you would when creating.  NOTE: Currently, you cannot add whole departments to groups from your Android device.


On iOS: Groups will now show up as a separate toggle option at the top of the People tab, allowing you to toggle between People and Groups. You will see the list of groups sorted alphabetically within the tab.


You can call or message a group by swiping left.


Click on a group to display its members.  If you are an Admin, you can also edit the group name or delete the group by clicking on the three dots at the top.  Click on "Edit Members" to edit, add, or remove members.


Admins can also create entirely new groups. Click the + sign on the Group section of the People tab. Name the group and then begin adding members, just as you would when you are editing a group.

Now you have everything you need to begin creating, editing, and managing groups from mobile!

Sarah has spent past 10 years in the client services side of enterprise software. She really enjoys helping people master Lua (the app not the martial art). She loves seeing new parts of the world, Michigan Wolverines (when they are good), and her daughter Gabby.