Summer, Smoked Meat, Soccer: The Lua Team Has a BBQ


What's a summer without a barbecue? Here in NYC, summertime has been a welcome change after a long, cold winter. This past weekend, the Lua team took advantage of some beautiful weather to descend upon our Senior Android Engineer Jared's backyard. With some delicious pulled pork (thanks to these awesome bear paws), smoked meat, and a spread of pastries, no one left hungry.

The smoked meat was heavenly, and we took sometime to dig into Jared's "secret recipe." Here are his three tips for a good smoking:

1. Go slow and low: A lengthy smoking at a low temperature gives time for tissues to temporize even inexpensive cuts of meat. A general rule of thumb can be one and a half hours per pound: this prevents the meat from drying out.

2. Bourbon barrel wood:  People have different preferences as to the smoking wood, but bourbon barrel wood has proven particularly effective.

3. Don't open it:  This is the hardest task. Once the meat is in the smoker, resist the urge to check on it regularly.

In fact, Jared's looking to enhance his smoker with a mailbox mod (literally connecting a mailbox to a smoker). We're looking forward to the BBQ that christens this.

Beyond the food, there was never a dull moment: the third-place World Cup match was projected on a wall, lawn games were set up, and a really eclectic mix of music kept everyone entertained throughout the day.

Of course, with the destination being outside the city, the team had to do some rapid coordination to ensure everyone had a ride or knew how to get to Jared's place. Thank goodness Lua allows us to create an event-specific group and message one another on the fly!


Have examples of how messaging has helped not only work efficiency but also social cohesion? Comment below or let us know at!

Kohzy oversees Product Marketing at Lua. He has worked in the finance and technology industries, and has experienced the inefficiencies and silos in the workplace that Lua addresses. He's passionate about every aspect of urban life - ubiquitous connectivity, public transportation, instant gratification - especially in the great city of NYC.