Communicate Smarter, Work Smarter

Let’s face it—sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to get done. Mashable recently published an article to that effect, giving 5 pointers on how to help make your business more efficient in today’s busy work climate. We took the initiative to add to this list with 5 ways a mobile communications platform can increase your team’s productivity.

1. Stop looking for contact information: How many times have you had to look up phone numbers of people in other departments? It may only be a minute here, a minute there, but that time adds up. Or even worse, sometimes you’ll be unable to find someone’s contact information at all. A built-in directory gives you instant access to everyone in your organization, eliminating this annoyance.

2. Get rid of the need to follow up: You’ve sent out an urgent email to a co-worker, but haven’t gotten a response. You have no idea if they’ve gotten the email, and you need to take action, so you have to “follow up”, emailing them again. The same problem occurs with texting and calling. Accountability features such as read reports and confirmation requests eliminate this need once and for all.

3. Get rid of dial-ins and passwords: In today’s day and age, the notion that every participant needs to type in a long pin to enter into a conference call seems a little ridiculous. With the conference-calling feature, you can start a call with any group of people in your organization in seconds, with no need to dial in.

4. Stop digging for attachments: You need to double-check financial projections from a spreadsheet that you forwarded to your boss. The only problem is you sent the report months ago, so you have to go back through hundreds of emails to locate the attachment. With a file center, you can locate the spreadsheet much faster by only having to sift through files that have been shared within your organization.

5. Put everyone on the same platform: Instead of workers communicating mainly privately, just having everyone on the same platform makes communication faster and easier, saving your whole organization valuable time.

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