Michael on Forbes: Adopt Wearables at Your Workplace


Michael writes on Forbes about how wearables can improve an organization's communication by increasing performance on the go and also improving the quality of face to face interaction by increasing discretion.

When it comes to the workplace, even though living with your nose to your phone has become more common, it doesn’t make it less rude. It’s rude to check your phone during a meeting and yet it can mean that you miss a critical message – especially if the meeting goes for many hours. With a smartwatch you can easily glance down at your wrist to see what notification just came through and yet you remain polite and social. The device barrier is not erected when the information is coming through on your wrist.

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Kohzy oversees Product Marketing at Lua. He has worked in the finance and technology industries, and has experienced the inefficiencies and silos in the workplace that Lua addresses. He's passionate about every aspect of urban life - ubiquitous connectivity, public transportation, instant gratification - especially in the great city of NYC.