Team Rubicon: Living Outside the Inbox for First Responder Disaster Relief


Den Howlett of Diginomica talks to Jon Connors of Team Rubicon, the NGO that specializes in first responder disaster relief by U.S. military veterans and a Lua client. Jon discusses living outside the email inbox, how Lua is especially optimized for mobile communication in emergency response situations.

"In my experience [other communication tools] either act as functional silos, are really ‘features’ rather than applications or are born out of a different age that doesn’t hit the ‘living outside the inbox’ outcomes mark. Team Rubicon doesn’t care about those consulting led views. It is using Lua because it helps them get the job done."


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Kohzy oversees Product Marketing at Lua. He has worked in the finance and technology industries, and has experienced the inefficiencies and silos in the workplace that Lua addresses. He's passionate about every aspect of urban life - ubiquitous connectivity, public transportation, instant gratification - especially in the great city of NYC.