Enterprise Mobility Watch: Newsworthy Topics from the Month of September


Didn't have the time to catch up on news last month? Never fear: the Lua team sat down and pulled together a list of 5 newsworthy enterprise mobility topics that you might have missed in September.

Stay Charged, Stay Tuned: The Ultimate Guide to Keep Your Employees' Phones Alive

Want to prepare your employees for the best practices of enterprise mobility? The first step is to keep their mobile devices alive. We tapped 7 simple tweaks for you and your employees which will ensure undisrupted business communication.

The ’90s Called, They Want Their Inefficiency Back - A Conversation with Larry Rubenstein

In his time managing mobile communications for Reuters’ US-based journalists from the late ’80s to 2012, Larry Rubenstein has seen work communications go through many phases. The key to excelling in such a challenging job? Constantly in the mentality of embracing changes. Read full interview. 

Kate Hartman: The Art of Wearable Communication 

Here at Lua we've been pretty excited about the potential to involve wearables in communication. Artist Kate Hartman uses wearable electronics to explore how we communicate, with ourselves and with the world. In this quirky and thought-provoking talk, she shows the "Talk to Yourself Hat", the "Inflatable Heart", the "Glacier Embracing Suit", and other unexpected devices.


The BlackBerry Passport: An Enterprise Muscle Car?

ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Larry Dignan compares BlackBerry Passport to a muscle car, highlighting its quirkiness and the healthy dose of nostalgia. According to Dignan, it's less likely to become a BYOD star, but it will find a niche in regulated industries.

What iOS 8 Offers Business Users

September was a big month in the digital world: we saw the releases of iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Blackberry Passport, Apple Watch, etc. Much of the discussion was centered around how Apple made itself even more enterprise-friendly with iOS 8. Ryan Faas of CIO.com explores features in iOS 8 that business users will find especially valuable.

How the Apple Watch Could Change the World -- Again

A hybrid topic between the big September releases and the rise of wearables, the Apple Watch dominated conversations between consumers and enterprise users alike for several weeks. Matt Weinberger of CITEworld writes about how he foresees the Apple Watch will change the world.