Two Tales of A First Day

We last wrote about how onboarding a new employee can be drastically better if your organization has a mobile solution that includes an interactive directory. In this post, we invite the latest addition to the Lua team, Ariel Sun, to discuss her experience joining the company and being onboarded into the directory in the Lua network. For a new hire, no first day is ever the same. Speaking from my own experience, it can be a sweet beginning, a horror story, or more commonly, just an overwhelming day. My typical first day usually starts with going to the office revved up with lots of coffee in an attempt to memorize all coworkers' names and their positions, in order to avoid the awkwardness of asking them to reintroduce themselves after my onboarding.

meme-what's your name again

My first day at Lua defied that expectation: it made me realize that transitioning into a new environment doesn't need to be difficult. I figured the best way to explain this is to describe two stories of me as a new hire, with one being my past experiences and the other being what I found with Lua.

Story 1: Before Lua

After everything was set up: changing multiple passwords, getting put on payroll, being shown around the office, etc. I was left on my own, slightly clueless. I observed the new office quietly. "That girl seems friendly, I should 'try to bump into' her next time she left her desk, and hopefully start a conversation", I said to myself. "They are talking about the new documentary on PBS. Too bad I rarely watched PBS. Gotta spend some time catching up on it tonight". "What's the girl's name again? She introduced herself with a bunch of others in the elevator, but there were too many people and now I don't remember..."

Fast forward to the end of the day, I made 12 acquaintances, had about 8 small talks, and 5 conversations. Not a bad day.

Story 2: After Lua 

As a Lua new hire, I was immediately added by a Lua Admin to the app. As soon as I logged in on both my desktop and phone, I saw a directory of all the Lua employees with their names, pictures, and titles.

The Lua directory, with everyone organized by departments, groups, and roles.

Even before I had an in-person conversation with everyone, I already got an understanding of each person's name and what s/he does in the company. I could also easily identify each employee because of their photos in Lua.

I was also able to send messages to groups to introduce myself to everyone within seconds, and jump right onto new projects with my coworkers. While having immediate access to coworkers doesn't replace the familiarity created from the time and experience of collaborating, I feel that with a digital first impression, cultivating new work relationships became much easier for me.

Although I may be biased because I work for Lua, I believe that my own smooth and successful onboarding experience on my first day here is definitely partly due to the company being run on a better communication tool. A quick comparison has shown me how smarter communication not only boosts employees' productivity, but also helps new hires thrive in a collaborative environment.

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