Juliette Kayyem On Why She Joined The Lua Advisory Board


We recently announced the addition of Juliette Kayyem, formerly President Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as an advisor. David Harris from the Boston Business Journal sat down with Juliette to talk about what attracted her to Lua.

Simply put, Lua provides a solution to emergency and crisis communications that I knew, firsthand, was a gap in the field. When I learned of its capacities, and when I met with its leadership, it was a perfect fit to help them engage the Homeland Security and emergency management community, as well as other sectors where I have strong ties, such as in sports security. It has such an eclectic group of clients, and that appealed to me as well; no longer do security needs sit in isolation from the core functioning of a city, agency, or business.

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Kohzy oversees Product Marketing at Lua. He has worked in the finance and technology industries, and has experienced the inefficiencies and silos in the workplace that Lua addresses. He's passionate about every aspect of urban life - ubiquitous connectivity, public transportation, instant gratification - especially in the great city of NYC.