Enterprise Mobility Watch: Newsworthy Topics from the Month of October


Didn’t have the time to catch up on news last month? Fear not: the Lua team sat down and pulled together a list of 5 newsworthy topics in communication and mobility that you might have missed in October.

Source: Dacquiri Smittick

Dacquiri Smittick: Information is Power

In a new installment of our interview series, we talk to Dacquiri Smittick, the soon-to-be Director of Production at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Dacquiri discusses how she manages a group of 50+ people on regular global tours and talks about her belief in empowering her staff with the information they need.

Source: Bobby Yip, Reuters

Hong Kong Protests Propel FireChat

Yet another world event in October has highlighted the dominance of messaging over other communication methods today. As Hong Kong protesters gathered on the center of the city to demand full democratic elections by 2017, the app FireChat became the preferred mode of communication. To the tech-savvy democracy protesters, FireChat offered the potential to stay connected and organized, quickly and clearly.

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6 Conference Calling Tips To Boost Your Business Productivity

The pitfalls of conference calling are so ubiquitous that they’re almost comedic sometimes. The struggles might be funny on hindsight, but in the moment the frustration can really interrupt productivity. We list some best practices on how to get the conversation going as smoothly as possible.

Source: Wired Innovation Insights, Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta

Enterprise Messaging Will Save, Not Kill, Email

This month, Google announced an ambitious project called Inbox, designed to help users manage their inboxes more easily. Inbox intelligently bundles related emails, and gives users the option to sweep, snooze, pin, and archive their mail. This triggered a debate over whether Inbox was a change for the better: reactions range from delight over a better way to manage email, to skepticism that email can ever be fixed. Jason Krigsfeld, Lua's head of Customer Success, pens his thoughts in Wired Innovation Insights on how email can actually be made better be channelling critical communication through messaging solutions.

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Mobile UC Market Could Be Worth $17.38B by 2019

A new MarketsandMarkets report is forecasting the mobile unified communications (UC) market to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.5 percent from 2014 to 2019. Here's a closer look at the report.