Enterprise Mobility Watch: Newsworthy Topics from January


It's February? January flew by at the blink of an eye, and poof, we're in the month with 28 days already. But the enterprise mobility train stops for no one: January was full of interesting developments. We take a look at 6 things worth recapping from last month:

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HP Refreshes Tablet Lineup, Publishes New Enterprise Mobility Research

As Apple and Android continue their push into the enterprise space by making their new devices and operating systems enterprise-ready, established enterprise-device makers are looking for ways to stay relevant. HP argues that IT needs to consider not just the devices, but also whether app delivery systems, monitoring systems, and security features take all the company's needs into consideration, and in January they announced a new stable of tablets that do just that. Simultaneously, they released research showing that security remains the biggest IT concern around BYOD (some might consider this old news by now.)


These Are The Consumer Apps Your Employees Are Using, But They Aren't Built For Business

Do you allow smartphone usage for work? Odds are your employees have been using a consumer app for quick communication out of convenience, even if there are internal rules against that. This is concerning not only because consumer messaging isn't secure enough for business needs, but because they often come with features that can be distracting to employees. We profile the most popular apps and things you need to know about each of them.

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Virtual Desktops Do Not Replace EMM

For IT managers who feel overwhelmed by the new need to manage all sorts of mobile devices in their organizations and their accompanying security issues, it might be tempting to resort to desktop virtualization as an easy workaround. Virtualization turns employees' devices into mere terminals from which to remotely login to their office computers. Be warned, though: Cormac Foster from GigaOm explains why virtualization just won't work for mobile productivity.


2015 Predictions For Enterprise Communication

For years, industry analysts have been predicting major changes in enterprise communication. With the maturing of a new generation of enterprise communication tools, and a growing wave of enthusiasm for employee mobility and smart devices, 2015 feels ripe for major changes in the way IT managers think about communication within the organization. Our CEO, Michael, lists 10 key predictions for enterprise communication in this new year.

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Samsung In Talks To Acquire BlackBerry For Its Patents And Technology?

2014 was an eventful year for Blackberry. The traditional enterprise mobility player seemed to step away from competing with smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung for the hearts and minds of consumer users, preferring to focus on enterprise clients, and released the Passport to mixed reviews, They also rebuffed multiple takeover attempts. It seems like the latest takeover story, however, might actually have the highest likelihood of happening: Samsung is eyeing Blackberry for its stronghold within highly-regulated industries.

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Research: 74% Using Or Adopting BYOD

If you're thinking about implementing BYOD policies in your organization for the first time, you might be looking for guidance from how others in your industry are treating the subject. Teena Hammond pulls out key highlights from Tech Pro Research's latest study on ZDNet. There are some interesting facts, e.g. BYOD is least prevalent in Europe, and education is an industry that is wholeheartedly embracing BYOD.

Did you see anything newsworthy in January that we missed? Let us know in the comments or through twitter @getlua!