Podcast: Why Enterprise Communication Needs To Change


On his podcast, "Busting the Omnichannel," Jon Reed from Diginomica stopped by our office to talk shop with our CEO Michael on what changes need to happen to take enterprise communication to a new level. Topics that were discussed include: the inefficiency of email, the need for critical communication to not be lost in the cracks, and the benefits messaging can have on company culture.

"What we're seeing is that initially executives were just handing out phones or implementing BYOD amongst their employees and expecting a boost in productivity, but that wasn't happening because there weren't out-of-the-box enterprise tools on those phones. Now executives are starting to solidify their enterprise mobility strategy, thinking about what tools they need to provide within the mobile devices to capture new productivity."

Listen to the podcast.

Kohzy oversees Product Marketing at Lua. He has worked in the finance and technology industries, and has experienced the inefficiencies and silos in the workplace that Lua addresses. He's passionate about every aspect of urban life - ubiquitous connectivity, public transportation, instant gratification - especially in the great city of NYC.