More Than Just A Test Drive: Taking Client Success To A New Level

Here at Lua, we really pride ourselves on our client support. While in many companies the client service department might just be an outsourced help desk fielding confused calls about the product, we see excellent client engagement as an integral feature of the Lua service, on par with our communication platform itself. We often hear that our Client Success team is a huge reason why our clients really like working with us. That’s why we’re excited to have team members like Jenny Ostroth! Jenny has worked in several client services roles, and we’ve invited her to pen her thoughts on our unique approach to client engagement:

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To me, Lua’s customer engagement sets the bar between consumer product support and enterprise consultation. Having worked in consumer support roles in various industries, even on the high end you have limitations on the level of guidance you can provide. Ultimately, after the product introduction you part ways until support is needed. On the Client Success team at Lua, we provide a deeper level of ongoing consultation to compliment the product experience.

At the foundation of any client experience are two approaches to pick from, kind of like taking clients out on a test drive: do we sit on the driver or passenger side. Some customers want you to take control and tell them how to do seemingly everything. For others, the key is to listen and become a friendly (not overbearing) front seat buddy while they test things out lets the client discover what they like. We make these calls at Lua all the time, but at a much higher level.

What I really like about what we do here is that this isn’t just a test drive. It’s a trip. The investment is more meaningful, and that requires an ongoing service component. Leaders would be remiss to think that simply installing software and handing out login information is a one and done way to improve your company’s communication. If you’re making the decision to try a new communication tool, you’ve already realized there’s a gap to fill. There are opportunities at every stage of the process to reevaluate the flow of information between different groups of people, strategically implement the training, and use this streamlined communication to address the overall objectives of the organization. Lua’s client support team provides that holistic strategy and empowers leaders to change the course of their team’s future.

Our department is here not only to show you how to use software but to listen and learn, and then push improvement inside and outside of the product. Depending on the client we take the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat, but nonetheless provide a fresh set of eyes to a seemingly opaque part of business operations. Unlike with consumer products, we don’t walk away wondering if it worked. We make sure it works by continually unveiling the potential that is already there and capitalizing on it.

Jenny is one of Lua's Client Success All-Stars. She has previously worked in the nonprofit and technology industries. From working directly with customers to executing high-profile events, she has experienced the pain of disjointed communication first hand, which is why she's so excited about Lua! Jenny enjoys traveling, roaming the ironic land of Brooklyn with her friends, referencing 90s movies, and of course making sure Lua clients get the best bang for their buck.