Find More Insights in a New (And Better) Location

Here at Lua we want to make sure that our UI (user interface) and features are intuitive to use and learn from, and this is especially true with our Admin Console. To stay true to our war against unnecessary interruptions from the technology you use at work, we’ve updated our Insights feature and the way it is accessed. 

Review: What is Insights?

Today’s best managers stay ahead with data-driven decisions. Insights is Lua’s business intelligence dashboard, and it turns management into a science by putting communication data in unprecedented detail in front of admins. As you communicate over time, Insights only gets richer. Our past Insights features empowered managers to check real-time data summaries of company wide read-rates, activity hotspots, and cross-departmental interactions. These tools allow administrators to see who is most engaged, pinpoint silos across roles and departments, and spot peaks and lulls in business activity. As great as the Insights tab is for managers of all verticals, we wanted to make it even better.

So, What’s New? 

How to Access Insights: Instead of finding the Insights analytics dashboard from the web page drop down menu, administrators will now find Insights inside of their Admin Console.

New Insights for Phone and Attachment Volumes: With this new location, admins can control key management features that already exist in the Admin Console -easy user management (add, invite, and deactivate users), edit member details (name, phone number, and email), force logouts, device wipes, and password resets-while also gaining access to strategic communication data.

Insights reveal important information about who communicates, when they are communicating and now, how they are communicating within a company. Beyond read rate reports and message volume data, admins will now be able to access insights about the other ways employees can communicate within Lua: phone call and attachment volumes.

With increasingly mobile teams it is important that communication analytics reveal trends and volumes of all the different ways information is shared within a company. With Lua's updated Insights, admins can discover even more about the way their employees are working together: they can improve upon weaknesses and grow from what they are doing well.

Holly grew up in Hingham, MA, and has worked in design and technology. She loves being a part of NY's enterprise tech scene, and Lua's ability to help workers of all industries be more productive. Some current passions include Bella (her dog), exploring New York City, and folk music.