3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Workflows with Tech

Image via BusinessSolutions

Inadequate workflows are detrimental to any business. In healthcare organizations specifically, these inefficiencies can lead to longer wait times for patients and increased frustration for medical and administrative staff. Even the smallest modifications to workflow can have positive impacts on the quality of care provided to patients, efficiency and finances of a practice. Finding ways for your team to work and communicate more productively allows them to work better together, feel supported and empowered to provide the best experience possible to patients.
Here are some ways a healthcare organization can improve their workflow:

Cut Down on The Paperwork

Using secure EHR systems can help to reduce the physical labor associated with traditional paper health records through allowing easier updating and authorized access to protected health information. The use of EHR can also help cut down the possibility of human error and the loss of time when searching for a file and transporting files throughout the office during a patient’s visit. You can further the impact of your EHR system by integrating other software that ensure secure and HIPAA-compliant file-sharing and consultations between healthcare providers.

Adopt Patient Portals

Patient portals are proven to improve communication, efficiency and help streamline workflows for healthcare organizations. These online accessible platforms allow patients to be more engaged in their medical care through facilitating access to results and records, communication to physicians, along with self-serve scheduling and billing, just to name a few features. With all of these benefits it makes sense why more and more organizations are adopting these platforms. 

Things to focus on when deciding to incorporate this service are security, integrations, and user experience, which ties into the potential of patient participation. Healthcare providers and administrators need to make clear to patients that the portal is the preferred method of communication to encourage use.

Make Collaboration Easy

Effective internal communication is the key to providing the highest caliber of healthcare possible while keeping your team’s stress level low. HIPAA secure messaging allows your team to communicate instantly and know that their message has been received without having to follow up. Teams that are able to quickly communicate and are in sync can provide patients with clear and organized visits. Along with full knowledge of the patient visit cycle, staff members should also know who they can go to for answers, both for their own knowledge and for patients. When each team member is in the know about processes and patient information they are able to provide more effectual medical attention, doing away with oversight errors.