Audit Reports: Lua Product Update


We have a great deal going on at Lua lately. We’re focused on giving our users access to features they need to improve workflow while staying secure and compliant. We recently launched our new e-Discovery tool called Audit Reports. Message Audit Reports will span a customizable date range and, along with Lua Insights, provide organizations a more detailed look at their communications. 

Lua’s Audit Reports feature allows specially designated admins to create and run custom reports according to their organization's policies and concerns. To keep your organization’s data safe, only select users verified by your network administrators are given access to this feature.


Admins can contact a Customer Success Representative via Lua to give users access to the Audit Reports or with any questions about Reports or any of our other newly added features. Visit our website to learn more about Audit Reports and download the How-To to familiarize yourself with the feature.