Webinar - Texting in Treatment Settings: How to Ensure You are HIPAA Compliant

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We are excited to share that Lua will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with Behavioral Healthcare Executive on August 15th, 2017 at 1:00PM ET, 12:00PM CT.

Our CEO and Founder, Michael DeFranco, will break down the dangers of using consumer applications and other non-compliant text tools to share sensitive data in behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment. Learn how to avoid putting both your patients and organizations at risk for security breaches, which could expose patient PHI and cost organizations up to millions in HIPAA violation fines, while possibly tarnishing its reputation. 

Thankfully, there is an easy to implement solution available. Join us as we cover the benefits of secure mobile messaging. See how leading organizations are able to communicate efficiently with one another, patients and families, leading to better patient care and streamlined workflows. With messaging solutions, users are able to securely message, call, share photos, videos and rich files in a HIPAA compliant network, with built in security and accountability features. 

We will also discuss how messaging allows for better care and treatment planning through enabling secure collaboration with patients and colleagues outside of your organization, fostering a more patient centered approach to healthcare and improving the overall provider and patient relationship.

Michael DeFranco will dive into these discussion topics in greater detail with an open Q&A section to address any questions attendees may have. Click the button below for more about this webinar and to register for free.