Webinar: Texting in Treatment Centers

Texting has become the communication tool of choice for most behavioral healthcare providers, including those working in treatment centers and especially for marketing and business development representatives. However, standard texting apps are not HIPAA compliant, putting patient information at risk. Using them exposes mental health and addiction service providers to HIPAA violations, costly fines, and public relations nightmares.

Lua's Founder and CEO Michael DeFranco teamed up with Behavioral Health Executive to discuss the risks associated with using consumer texting applications in treatment centers, and the secure alternatives available to help providers keep communication compliant and efficient. New and cost-effective technology is available, enabling providers to easily communicate with staff, patients, and families in a HIPAA-compliant way.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize HIPAA compliance and regulations in regards to texting for healthcare
  • Identify the risks of using non-compliant communication in the workplace
  • Explain how HIPAA-compliant messaging increases productivity and collaboration while improving both patient and family experiences