Lua Messaging Best Practices

With Lua, you have all your whole team at your fingertips! We want our users to experience all the benefits of secure mobile communications. Here are some tips to help make sure you’re communicating efficiently and keeping notifications up-front and center. 

Get Fast Access to Lua
On mobile, make sure Lua is on the first page of your device’s home screen, or even on your Dock itself, so you can easily see when messages are piling up. If you’re on Android, feel free to install our widget as well, which will badge the app icon!

Find the Best Wi-Fi Connection           
Know which Wi-Fi network is best for you to connect to, whether you’re at the office or out on the go. Sometimes your cellular network may be best, so be ready to switch!

Enable Push Notifications
Allow push notifications once the app is downloaded so that you are absolutely sure you are receiving messages in a timely manner. Please check your phone's settings to see if notifications are on.


Select Custom Alert Sounds
If you’re having trouble hearing notifications, change the notification alert sounds on your devices to one of your choice in your Lua settings in the app. You can also assign different alerts for Broadcast or standard messages.

No Need to Dig Through Conversations for Files or Messages
Lua’s attachments tab is a dedicated repository for all your attachments, so you can skip the digging and immediately search for and find the right file. With the Deep Search tool you can also search for an individual term which will provide all result from your files, user, and message.

Know You’ve Gotten Your Message Across
Be absolutely sure you have gotten your message across. Attach a simple “Confirm” button to any message to request explicit confirmation from coworkers. ReadReports also accompany every attachment, so you can see exactly who’s viewed a file or message.

Set Up a Passcode for Added Security
If you are the only person using your mobile device, do not fully log out of Lua so that you will continue to receive all notifications. Logging out will prevent notifications from pushing so you may miss something important. You can always turn on a mobile 4 digit or thumbprint passcode if you’d like more security.

Reach out to Lua Support
Utilize the Lua Support public group in the Groups tab if you have any questions or concerns. Jason and Briana are happy to help!