Lua Client Story: Mental Health Service Corps

Lua made it very easy to communicate in an simple, direct and secure way to all our staff, both HQ and field staff. Lua provides us peace of mind because it is a reliable communication tool

The New York City Mental Health Service Corps (MHSC) is a key initiative of Thrive NYC: A Mental Health Roadmap for All– a comprehensive public health approach to mental health designed to promote and protect the wellbeing of all New Yorkers, while increasing the diversity of behavioral health clinicians in the workforce.

The MHSC fills the long neglected gaps in mental health and substance use services throughout NYC by developing a corps of approximately 400 mental health clinicians placed in high-need communities. MHSC’s team of social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologist work with community based organizations and support networks in developing and implementing best practices and a better design of care to strengthen care where it is needed the most. 

Speeding Up Communications
When looking for a fast and secure way for the over 400 providers throughout NYC to communicate, MHSC chose Lua. Prior to switching to a compliant solution, employees would use a variety of different tools to communicate, such as email and text messaging. When compared to texting or email, Lua keeps everyone on the same page through the use of one central communication method, regardless of the device.

Lua's intuitive user experience helps MHSC manage their ever-growing team through quick and easy set up and onboards. From day one, team users are able to communicate through mobile messaging and calling from mobile devices and desktop.

Lua helps MHSC to seamlessly coordinate and plan events and services throughout New York City, aimed towards bringing awareness to mental health and best practices for care. The MHSC team is able to use the file sharing feature to share documents, images, and graphic design files related to their internal organizational events. 

It’s our entire messenger service, and we especially encourage our field staff to use it when dealing with any sensitive information because of HIPAA compliance. It’s a quick communication product on our phones and desktops we’ve come to use for everything, on a daily basis.

Lua also helps MHSC in operational communications between field employees and headquarters. Lua’s file sharing is used to share schedules for employees on various teams and to submit timesheets to HQ as well as new field employee hire documentation through spreadsheets.