New Group Members Now See Conversation History

When you add a colleague to a Group, they will now be able to see all the conversation history within the Group. This new feature brings with it two key benefits: it eliminates the need to catch new Group members up on what's been talked about, and it allows Admins to set up initial conversations within Groups before inviting.

New members get up to speed instantly

When new Group members cannot see what's been discussed previously, they inevitably go through a phase of confusion as they try to find their bearings and figure out what existing Group members are talking about. This could be mitigated by having an existing member bring the new addition up to speed with all that has been discussed - but this takes productive time away from both the new addition and the existing member. Giving the new addition access to all past conversation allows them to go back in time and read past conversations to quickly understand the actionables and the dynamics within the Group. Basically, it's as close to time travel as one can get.

Set initial Group conversations up

When a new employee first encounters Lua, we've found that having existing conversations that the employee can read and engage with really helps increase the user's familiarity of Lua. The new addition to the team instantly grasps the power of quick communication with their fellow colleagues, and also feels immediately involved in the workflow. This smoother onboarding process enables organizations to harness the productivity of new employees more quickly.

This benefit extends to existing employees. In the past, when creating a new Group from existing employees, Admins had to first create the Group completely, then begin sending out messages to all the Group members. With the new Group conversation history feature, Admins can now set up initial messages, and then invite Group members. The Group members encounter the preset messages when they join the Group, enabling them to hit the ground running.

So go ahead! Add colleagues to a Group, then sit back and relax knowing the new members have access to everything that was discussed before. Everyone in a Lua group is now truly on the same page.

Austin oversees Product at Lua. He has worked in startups his whole career, from social networking, to gaming, to enterprise. He's on a mission to make your work communication vastly simpler and safer with Lua.