The Syrian Refugee Crisis & Lua: How Real Time Messaging Helps Volunteers

What is Lua for Good?

For over a year now, Lua for Good has been operating with great momentum. Through involvement in this program Lua’s real time communication platform and associated client service is provided free of charge to incredible non-profit organizations. With Lua solving their major communication problems these organizations can focus on what is important to them: whether it is working to address natural disasters, building educational programs in the US and abroad, or organizing volunteers during major relief efforts. 

Third Wave and LAHAF: how are they helping in Greece?

While empowered with Lua, Third Wave and LAHAF team members in the US and Europe have been able to stay connected in real time. These volunteers have worked tirelessly on site in Lesvos, a Greek island where many of the refugee boats that are carrying civilians fleeing from Syria land. Hundreds have died trying to reach Lesvos on these boats, and once survivors do reach the island their battle is not over: high winter winds have caused many to suffer from hypothermia. 

Upon arrival, volunteers provide rescue operations, food, clothes, and medical attention before refugees walk miles to the refugee camps. LAHAF and Third Wave have found important partners that provide two key tools in this primary relief effort: Shiftpods and solar puff lights. The Shiftpods have provided a durable shelter for treating hypothermic refugees as they arrive and the solar puff lights have brought sustainable light to the pitch black darkness of the refugee camps. 

Connecting humans with resources through real time communication:

Delivering the Shiftpods and donated solar puff lights (from Solight) has been no simple feat in this complicated international relief effort. Lua played a key role in coordinating the shipping, negotiating tough customs agreements, connecting matching donors, providing instant status updates to staff in the US and more, all of which effectively shortened the time it took to get these supplies to the volunteers on site. As Jen Adams of LAHAF has said, “every moment matters”, and with Lua each real time message shared between team members allows every moment to be actionable. 

The expedited arrival of the Shiftpods provided tents that could withstand 50 mph winds, which were extremely necessary when the tents from the larger NGOs were knocked down at 30 mph. The delivery of solar puff lights provided a simple, effective way to bring light to refugees weathering out this horrible situation with their families and have also been a vital part of successful night landings that are otherwise hard to maneuver in the dark. Lua connected the volunteers with each other and the equipment they needed to protect the refugees: it is often effective communication that ultimately enables powerful grassroots organizations to accomplish life saving work. We couldn’t be prouder to take part in this effort with Third Wave and LAHAF.

Jenny is one of Lua's Client Success All-Stars. She has previously worked in the nonprofit and technology industries. From working directly with customers to executing high-profile events, she has experienced the pain of disjointed communication first hand, which is why she's so excited about Lua! Jenny enjoys traveling, roaming the ironic land of Brooklyn with her friends, referencing 90s movies, and of course making sure Lua clients get the best bang for their buck.